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What is HKINF?

          HKINF, "Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair" in full, is Asia's leading Numismatic Event that consists of a 3-day AUCTION (21-23 JUN) and a 3-day trade FAIR (23-25 JUN). Along with the world's largest numismatic auction house, Heritage Auctions, HKINF enables you to make an extraordinary journey of fierce bidding, to meet legendary industry figures and to expose yourself to diverse markets around the world to see and buy a variety of coins & currency from every corner of the globe.

          With two years of success, HKINF has become an event where prominent dealers and collectors, well known to all, participate. This June's event can, without a doubt only be better! Whether you are a collector or a dealer or just curious, come and visit us -- you will not want to be left out!

Proudly presented by Eternity Numismatic Co., Ltd